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blue violet Star Laser Pointer with 5 caps

    Cheap blue violet Star Laser Pointer 30mw

  • Inventory status : Have in stock
  • color :blue violet
  • size :13mm*147mm
  • The weight :46g
  • $ 33.75

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Product Description

A 30mw blue violet laser pointer is a small laser designed to highlight something of interest by projecting a small bright spot of colored light onto it. The laser beam is not in itself visible from the side, but is visible as a result of light scattered by dust particles along the beam path. The small width of the beam and low power of typical laser pointers make the beam itself invisible in a reasonably clean atmosphere, showing a point of light when striking an opaque surface. Some higher powered laser pointers are faintly visible via Rayleigh scattering when viewed from the side in moderately to dimly lit conditions.

Product Specifications :

1.Key Feature: blue violet laser
2.Material: Copper
3.Surface Treatment: Rubber paint
4.Operating mode :soft touch
5.Power supply: 2*AAA
6.Wavelength: 405nm
7.Output power: 30mW laser
8.Laser range: 500-10000 meters
9.Working voltage: DC3V
10.Working temperature :0~+35Celsius degree
11.Size : 13mm*147mm
13.Fixed focus: continuous output

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Packing Details :
1x 405nm 30mw blue violet Star Laser Pointer with 5 caps
1x Velvet box
1x Velvet box with wrapping papers sets
2x AAA battery


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