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405nm blue violet laser pointer 10mW

    405nm blue violet laser pointer 10mW

  • Inventory status : Have in stock
  • color :blue violet laser
  • size :13mm*147mm
  • The weight :46g
  • $29.97

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Product Description

New pen style star 10mw blue violet laser pointer is small and exquisite.Copper metal material, with Stainless steel surface treatment, feels smooth and nice, looks more upscaleOutput power 10mW laser, clearly visible in the darkWith star cap, more dazzle.With competitive price, is the best choice for the same power.The best one, get your money's worth

1.Key Feature: blue violet laser
2.Matériau: Copper
3.Traitement surface appearance: paint, rubber, good tactile feel
4.Comm switching: Scratching
5.Pile: 2 * AAA (2 × AAA)
6 . Wavelength: 405nm
7.Puissance output: 10mW laser
8.Portée shooting: 500-10000 (vary according to power)
9.Tension supply: DC3V
10.La best operating temperature: 0-35 ℃
11.Dimensions : 13mm * 147mm
12.Poids: 46g (without batteries)
13.Point focus, successive output occasional spots of light.

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Packing Details :
1 * 405nm, 10mW blue-violet laser pointer
2 * AAA Alkaline Batteries
1 * External packing paper


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